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The Flying Daggers

the HUNT05

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our hunts are usualy a couple times every year. we do a whole bunch of stunts in a short period of time!  our last hunt involved the following stunts..........

wrestling a crew member in an enclosed, indoor room.......much damage occured during this stunt and  there wasnt alot of room to move around so all moves were moslty powerbombs, german suplex,etc.

slam-trapping an arm.leg,head etc. in a door. the stuntman's arms and legs were sore for quite a while.
whip a crew member with belts/whips. probably a very painfull stunt. one person would whip the other in the back with a whip and then it would b done reverse. the thing is that each person doesn't know their own strength and the whip was very very hard!

pictures and scenes from our last hunt will come soon!

the original hunt was from NOMERCYVIDEO!