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The Flying Daggers

About us

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The flying daggers is a stunt crew. we started out with our closes friends, Andrew, Ryan, Matt, Bryan, Justin,josh, Greg, jeff, Kyle, Nikko. and as we became more popular more new commers came into the group. we fromed our gang in the summer of 2004 and ever since we have dedicated our purpose of this crew to performing incredible stunts. to pass the test to become a member of the Flying Daggers crew (F.D.C) we each had to eat the second hottest pepper in the world. "the hobinaro!"  and from there our stunts have been known for their intensity, extreme, dangerous and radical.
"We are The Flying Daggers!

How did we come up with the name for our crew?
a few days before we started the gang we were waching the movie "THE HOUSE OF FLYING DAGGERS" the movie seemed pretty cool. and we thought about creating a gang for ourselves and friends. it originaly did not start out to be a stunt crew but jsut a plain old gang...boring, nothing new.
after a whole summer of doing crazy things, just hanging out with eachother almost every day we had a small idea of what we should be about. it was when we found a video on the net. about some guy performing a very insaine stunt. he ran as fast as he could into a shower door made of glass. the door wasup against a wall. he jumped right into the door, breaking throught the glass, and crashed into the wall. the damage after the stunt or as we call them "battle scars", his whole left arm looked very bloody. anyway, at the end of the video the sign came up that said "NOMERCYVIDEO" . And that was the moment when we realized what we should do. we checked out the wbesite waching video after video. we looked at every part of the site and we were very impressed. we decided to change the direction of our crew and direct it in the path of stunt performing!!
after waching all the videos we came up with ideas for our own stunts we could do. there wer pretty good  ideas and the stunts as performed by each of us worked out well. if it wasn't for "NOMERCY" we probably wouldn't  have any idea what to do. eventualy we finaly got in touch with the creator of the website and the crew. LEROY PATTERSON . we talked to him and told him about our crew and how NOMERCY inspired us. he offered to help us out with our  new up-rising crew!

special thanks to Leroy patterson & NOMERCYVIDEO team for helping us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!